As our world is transitioning to an electronic one, a new feature we’re excited to add to our customer service package is our super easy ability to schedule a counseling appointment online. It’s easy, can be accessed any time day or night, and doesn’t require you to actually speak with our administrative goddess directly or the therapist you choose. Easy peasy! I appreciate my healthcare providers who provide this as well … having their calendar in front of me alongside my own, makes scheduling my appointments efficient and painless. I know I don’t want to have to call an office some days and wait on hold or even worse, wait for a call back. So how do you do all this at Empowered Connections? Here are some instructions to help calm any nervousness you may have about it:

Once you’ve perused our Team page and have picked one of our special, talented therapists as “the one” for you, please click on our Client Portal tab on the top right of any of our webpages. This will direct you to a button that you then click on the SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT tab. . This will take you to our calendar where you’ll click on NEW CLIENT, then select the therapist you choose from the pull down menu, and her available slots will show up. Pick one that works and you will be asked to add your name, email address, phone number & payment info. Once you’ve submitted this, the therapist you’ve chosen will receive your appointment request and she will “accept” it from her end. When this happens, your appointment is on her calendar and you will immediately receive our Welcome email:  this email includes a personalized link just for you to click on and this will take you to your personal portal. You’ll be prompted to create a password that you can remember and then you can begin reading and filling out our required paperwork easily online from any device you may be using. This last step takes only about 10 minutes.

Once you’ve done signing and inputting the information you feel is important for us to know, you’re all done!  You will receive a text reminder of your appointment (assuming there’s more than 48 hours until the actual time) and you can rest easy knowing that all the paperwork & administrative stuff is DONE. How painless and easy is that?  But as always, if you have any questions you can email our administrative goddess Lori at or you can call our main number at 301-690-0779. We’re looking forward to meeting you soon!