This is not an actual syndrome by the way so don’t freak out! It’s something I made up to describe my clients (and me!) when I/we get distracted by everything shiny that floats by, which stops us from accomplishing anything.

For example, do you get overwhelmed by all the different podcasts out there to listen to? Do you want to buy the latest and greatest self-help books that are continually released?

Dirty secret: I am a self-help book junkie: I have probably over 30 that I’ve purchased and have not read yet. Yes, you read that right! I haven’t even READ them yet! Sigh.

What about when you decide to lose weight so you try every different diet that comes down the pike? (Well, you kinda try them but the only thing you’re losing is interest.) Or maybe you see this syndrome crop up when you’re dating or with friends: you’re always looking for the better/cuter/hotter/richer person to date or the cooler friend to hang with.

Are you tired of never getting as far as you’d like? Are you feeling stuck because you are doing the same dance over and over? I get it! I’ve been there and this is something that I work on regularly because I’m that girl that is always watching, listening and/or reading the latest and greatest webinars/podcasts/trainings. It’s exhausting!

What I’ve learned over the past few years of helping clients (and myself) who struggle with Shiny Penny Syndrome, is that there are ways to combat it.

Here are some tips that will help:

1. Look at your big picture goal, then break it into little bite-sized pieces.

So for example, in your goal setting, if you want to save $5000 this year, how much would that be each week? ($96.15) Then let’s break it down into an even smaller piece: where can you find that money? What can you reduce or stop doing in order to meet this goal?

2. Get super clear on how you want to FEEL when you’re looking at the tasks/relationships, etc. you are working on.

Not “how” you’ll get there or the “what” you’re trying to change, lose, get better at. But instead, how will getting there make you feel?? Will you feel more relaxed? Will you feel less stressed? More content? More satisfied? Will you have more freedom? (That’s a big one for me: freedom!)

3. Slow down sister!

There’s no rush and no hurry to cross off your goals … space them out, give yourself a deadline that is realistic, not fantastical.

If you know that running a 5K is your huge goal but you’ve never even walked more than from the parking lot into Target, then set yourself up for success by making your steps to get to the 5k, attainable. Start by walking more each day, taking the stairs to the office, parking a little farther away, you get the idea!

The number one reason we fail at our achieving our goals, is that we go balls to the wall and try to do it all at once! We give up soda, stop eating sugar, run 2 miles, stop cursing and try being a perfect parent all on the same Monday! Then guess what? We’ve quit by Thursday because we’re dying so take it slow!

I hope you’re inspired to dream big by starting small!